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Mercane Wide Wheel Pro Dual 15Ah Electric Scooter




Advanced LCD Display

The Mercane WideWheel Pro Dual 15Ah Electric Scooter has an advanced LCD screen giving you all the needed information you could ask for while riding your scooter. You can check the battery life, distance travelled, current speed, and the speed mode you’re in with a glancing look. Keep informed of everything you need to know about your scooter.

Upgraded Battery
This version of the WideWheel Pro electric scooter is the most powerful of the three available in the series. With a 15Ah battery, you get longer distances, faster speeds, and better battery life.

Impressive Stopping Times
With the dual disk brakes on the front and rear of the Mercane WideWheel, you will stop in an instant. Even travelling at top speeds, you can enjoy responsive braking, helping to give you more confidence and control on the roads.

Designed for Power
This high-powered, foldable electric scooter has an efficient lithium battery that guarantees strong performance. Fast acceleration drives you to the top speed of 40km/h in a matter of seconds and lets you go the distance, with a range of over 40km from one charge of the battery.

Mercane Wide Wheel Pro Dual 15Ah Electric Scooter
Motor Front and Rear
Power 2x 48V 500W
Battery 15Ah
Distance 70Km
Suspension Dual
Brake Dual
Climbing Ability 40%
Display Yes
Driving Modes Eco and Power
Charging Time (0-100%) 8 Hours
Maximum Payload 100kg
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