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Buy Kugoo G2 electric scooter


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Buy Kugoo G2 electric scooter

Buy Kugoo G2 electric scooter. With a unique design, the Kugoo G2 is eye-catching at first glance. Its wide platform with non-slip silicone coating and military design set it apart from other electric scooters on the market.

HD Intuitive Display
The Kugoo G2 electric scooter has an HD intuitive display on the handlebars, giving you all the needed scooter information right in front of you. See your speed, battery life, mileage, average speed, and what mode you’re in, all at a glance.

Robust Design
Durability has been prioritised with the design of the Kugoo G2. This electric scooter features 10-inch anti-skid tyres that provide a firm grip and safety. You can also cruise with ease thanks to adjustable speed controls that can be customised to your personal preference.

Safety Lighting
Safety lighting is found all over this electric scooter, allowing for night time rides without any chance of other traffic missing you. Front LED lights and safety warning lights light up the roads, while a bright red strip light has been fitted to the deck of the scooter, keeping you glowing during the night.

Kugoo G2-Pro Electric Scooter
Brand Kugoo
Model Kugoo G2 Pro
Max Speed 50kms
Max Distance 50kms
Max Weight 130kgs
Brakes Disc and Electronic Brakes
Tyres 10″  Pneumatic
Motor 750w
Battery 48v/13ah
Charging Time 4-6 Hrs
Scooter Weight 23kg
Package Contents 1 x Electric Scooter
1 x Charger
1 x Toolkit
1 x User Manual


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