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Buy InMotion ‘LeMotion’ S1 Electric Scooter



Buy InMotion ‘LeMotion’ S1 Electric Scooter

Buy, InMotion ‘LeMotion’ S1 Electric Scooter. Featuring a rear motor with powerful acceleration, a large battery to travel massive distances, industry leading water-resistance, effective dual suspension, all-over lighting for visibility, bright informative dashboard, convenient portability, and solid low maintenance braking system. All this

and more can be found in the amazing S1 Electric Scooter from InMotion. 


It’s a Long Distance Relationship:

Equipped with a huge 54V 12.5AH battery under the hood, the InMotion S1 scooter can travel a massive maximum range of 95km. Not only is that enough power to cover even the longest rides, but it also ensures you will have plenty left in the tank if you ever forget to plug the scooter


Keep Your Head Above Water:

Never fear rain, puddles or splashes when riding your InMotion S1. It is protected by the highest electric scooter water resistance rating in the industry. IP55 for body, IPX6 for controller, IP X7 for battery. 


Comfort in Every Scenario:

No matter the terrain you choose to explore on the S1, the heavy duty, dual suspension in both the front and the rear will ensure your ride is always smooth. Meanwhile an extra large deck space ensures even the biggest feet have plenty of room to stand on.


*Max speed and range are calculated by the manufacturer under controlled factory conditions.

InMotion ‘LeMotion’ S1 Electric Scooter
Brand InMotion
Model S1
Weight 24kg
Max Speed* 30km/h
Max Range* 95km
Motor Rear 500W
Battery 12.5Ah
Charge Time 7.2h (3.6h with two chargers)
Display LED
Tyres 10″ Tubeless pneumatic
Brakes Front: drum, rear: electric
Suspension Twin front shocks, rear spring
Lights Double 1.25W headlight, customisable deck RGB LED strip with turn signal functionality, rear wheel LED brake light
Max Weight Load 140kg
Power Modes 3
Scooter Dimensions (Unfolded) 1307 x 520 x 1275 (mm)
Scooter Dimensions (Folded) 1307 x 520 x 560 (mm)
Inclusions Bluetooth 4.0 BLE for InMotion App
Manufacturers Warranty 1 year
5% Price Match Guarantee*
Interest Free Payment Options
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