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Buy ExtremeBull Commander HT

Buy ExtremeBull Commander HT. The Commander comes from Begode’s sister company called Extreme Bull. The design of the wheel resembles the one of the Veteran Sherman, mainly because we don’t often see such bulky, industrial designs in wheels. The Commander comes with cutouts on the front and the back for easier lifting. Still, the angular shape of the plastic cutouts might not be comfortable for keeping the wheel lifted for long. On the top of the wheel, we can see a screen that displays information about your battery percentage, speed, riding mode, board temperature and an odometer.

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Currently, we are only offering the Commander with the high-torque motor. With the torque version, riders will be able to take on hills easily, and not worry about hard acceleration/declaration and heavy lean back or forth on the unicycle. The motor is extremely capable.

The announced free-spin speed is 79km/h, the realistic top speed is around 65km/h. With the 3600Wh battery (LG M50LT cells), the unicycle should easily cover 120 km rides, but if you ride at a slower speed (up to 35km/h) you should be able to cover 170km with a full charge. The Commander is suitable for long, casual rides, and for the extreme offroad riders hitting the mountain trails.

Bright Headlight

The beam is directed down to not blind pedestrians or other drivers and it’s bright and powerful.

The Motor

Extreme Bull replaced the recently popular hollow-bore motor with the proven axle motor. By far, the strongest motor ever installed on a unicycle. Heavier riders should no longer be worried about their range or acceleration with the Commander.

The Tire

The tire is CST 2.75 by 14″ (rim diameter).


Color Black
Tire size 20″
Battery capacity 3600 Wh
Rated power 2800W
Max speed 79 km/h
Max range 230 km
Max load 120 kg
Max gradeability 30-35°
Pedal height 160 mm
Charging time 12 hours
Net weight 36.5 kg
Dimensions 600(H) x 510(L) x 459(W)
Bluetooth Music Yes
LED Lights Yes
Suspension No


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