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Buy Dualtron Thunder 2 Scooter



Buy Dualtron Thunder 2 Scooter

Buy, Dualtron Thunder 2 Scooter. The Dualtron Thunder II is the new model from Dualtron and an upgrade to the original Dualtron Thunder.

The new Dualtron Thunder 2 has huge 10080 watt BLDC motors with adjustable suspension, hydraulic disc brakes a built in foot rest, new stem folding mechanism, new design and look. It also has a 72V battery, 40AH 21700 LG battery pack and a range of approx 150 km.

Other new features to the Dualtron Thunder 2 include a new updated Storm headset to the chassis, new tail light and LED swing arms.

We can’t wait for this new model to arrive in the UK later on this year.

The Thunder 2 has many exciting features designed to make the pilot’s experience as smooth as possible.

A high-range electric scooter like the Dualtron Thunder 2 needs adequate charging capacity.We have equipped the beast with two charging ports that can connect to two parallel fast charger ports .

In addition, it is possible to connect an external battery to the scooter for even greater range (the third “isolated” port with 4 pins).

A powerful electric scooter is difficult to drive because the thrust of acceleration can cause the rider’s body to roll back.We have equipped the Thunder 2 with a perfectly designed footrest that also serves as a high visibility / stop taillight.

The Thunder 2 is fully foldable, including the handlebar for easier scooter storage.Once folded, this model fits easily into the trunk of most cars.



Motor 10080W BLDC Hub Motor
Battery 72V 40Ah – LG
Max Range 170 km
Max Load 120 kg
Weight 47.3 kg
Max Speed 100km/h
Gradability 35º
Full Charging Time 8+ hours
Unfolded Size (LxHxW) (mm) L1208 x W609 x H1267 (mm)
Folded Size (LxHxW) (mm) L1208 x W317 x H577 (mm)
Brakes NUTT hydraulic Brake + 160mm Disc
Tyre 11 inch ultra wide tubeless tyre
Light LED tail lights, Arm light, Steering tube and side deck lights, waning lights, brake lights and bottom mood lights.
Suspension Front and Rear, 5 kinds of cartridge replaceable
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