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Buy Begode RS HS Online



Buy Begode RS HS Online

Buy Begode RS HS Online. We are offering the latest possible model modification with the smaller bearings and the display on the side.

Buy Begode RS HS Online

This model came out as a modification of the most popular model of the GotWay brand, namely МSuper Pro (MSP). One of the most significant improvements is in the internal structure of the shell. Before, there was not enough space for the tire, and it was scratching on the inner body. The RS comes with new, bigger pedals, the same as the ones on the Begode Monster. Begode added new LED lights to the front and the back, contributing to the wheel’s visibility on the road and complimenting the design. Another quality of life update is the motor cut-off button and the two added USB ports. The designers finally moved the button under the handle. It no longer matters with which hand you lift the wheel.

Der High-Speed-Motor bietet eine höhere Endgeschwindigkeit, aber weniger Drehmoment. Perfekt für Geschwindigkeitsdämonen, die nicht so oft auf den Bergpfaden unterwegs sind. Die Höchstgeschwindigkeit liegt bei rund 70 km/h. Wenn Sie nicht auf höhere Geschwindigkeiten stehen und lieber mehr Leistung für Offroad-Fahrten haben möchten, sollten Sie sich vielleicht die Begode RS HT-Version ansehen.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass für einen Gelegenheitsfahrer/neuen Fahrer der Unterschied zwischen der HS- und der HT-Version nicht so deutlich ist wie für erfahrene Fahrer. If you are a skilled rider, you will know how to use both motors to your advantage on any occasion. Both motors offer a dangerous top speed and enough torque that can please your everyday needs if you don’t intend to try hard on offroad paths or drag races with other riders. Always wear protective gear and wisely ride at a speed that’s not close to the limit to prevent cut-offs.


New Double T6 Headlight

Unlike before, the position of the headlights has been improved so as not to blind pedestrians and other road users. Another improvement over the old version is in the LED lights.

New 35W Bluetooth Speakers

Compared to the first generation used in Nikola Plus, these new speakers are louder and offer better sound quality.

The New Tire Pattern

This pattern is suitable for offroad, and compared to the MSX tire, we think it’s better for wet surfaces too.


Color Black
Tire size 18″
Battery capacity 1800 Wh
Rated power 2600W
Max speed 70 km/h
Max range 160 km
Max load 120 kg
Max gradeability 20°
Pedal height 165 mm
Charging time 6 hours
Net weight 27 kg
Dimensions 560(H) x 490(L) x 440(W)
Bluetooth Music Yes
LED Lights Yes
Suspension No


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